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SAP APO / SCM Training
Start Date:
Method:Live (Instructor-led)
Tuition:Call +1-832-419-7371 for Prices
Day 1Sat 07/23/2016
Day 2Sat 07/30/2016
Day 3Sat 08/06/2016
Day 4Sat 08/13/2016
Day 5Sat 08/20/2016
Technical Requirements:
RAM:2 GB minimum
Headset:With built-in microphone
Software Requirements:
Operating System:Windows XP or newer
Operating System:Mac OS
Online MeetingGoToMeeting (
Remote SupportTeamViewer (
Timing:9am to 5pm (CST)
Books/Guides:Step By Step Guide
System Access:90 Days
Education Counselor:
(Monday to Friday, 9am ~ 5pm [CST])
This course is intended for current or future project members of APO implementations. The course includes the usage of the respective transactions in order to provide the skills for typical prototyping work in a project. Call +1-832-419-7371 for more details


why LearnSAP
LearnSAP strives to evolve with the marketplace, delivering skills-based SAP education that is sensitive to market needs and convenient to students. SAP solutions give
real-time visibility across the entire enterprise. Realizing the true potential of the SAP software, since 1999, LearnSAP has carefully aligned with major players in the implementation league, by offering talented and decorated resources who have proven track record throughout their time in school.

SAP APO / SCM curriculum.

online curriculum
When comparing schools, there are a lot of choices on the internet. It is important that while making the decision you compare apples with apples. This is why you should spend some time to get to know
Printer Friendly Curriculum
the curriculum very well. A lot of times when there is a cheaper course available it is due to less content being covered. Our curriculum is carefully designed to exceed job expectations.

In-session and post-training support.

We have a special message board on our website which is dedicated to past and present students. This online community is closely watched by instructors and forum moderators to ensure that students get prompt answers to their questions and solutions for their problems. Previous students who have made it to projects also contribute some of their time mentoring new comers. Graduates continue to use these forums to communicate with their mentors and piers about their experiences. They become the support system for each other while teachers and forum moderators continue to watch over their communication to validate the solutions exchanging hands.

Class Size.

online curriculum
Too big a class and students don't get enough attention. Too small and it doesn't make economic sense to hire quality instructors.
Printer Friendly curriculum
Five students is the magic number. All of our online classes are never more than 5 students, while our in-class max number is 8.

SAP APO / SCM instructor.

Subra Shanbhag is a SAP Certified Supply Chain Management Consultant. He is certified in SAP APO 7.0, Scrum Methodologies and ITIL V3
He has many full-life cycle implementations experience in designing, blue-printing, developing , deploying , cutting-over and post production of SAP / APO solutions. Currently he is Managing Consultant at
IBM too. He has imparted training to corporations like Nokia, IBM, NexLink Systems, Owens Corning, Sony Electronics to name a few.
He is a very passionate instructor and is always willing to go the extra mile to help students. He has also contributed many step-by-step training manuals for SAP APO / SCM module.

SAP APO / SCM Course Curriculum<< Back

This course is intended for current or future project members of APO implementations. This should be attended by all those who need to understand the principles of the system to judge the viability of business requirements and processes. The course includes the usage of the respective transactions in order to provide the skills for typical prototyping work in a project.

Whether you're a decision maker considering SAP SCM, a consultant seeking functional details or you're just starting to work with SAP SCM, this course will give you the insight and knowledge needed to understand the features and benefits of SAP SCM. You'll find details on the evolution of the software, guided tours through each application, advice on which functionality to implement, and expert guidance on how to get the best return on your investment.


Demand Planning

  • Introductions, APO Overview
  • Overview of Demand Planning Concept
  • Datamart, info-cubes & Demand Planning
  • Planning area and Planning Books
  • Macros & Notes
  • Interactive Planning
  • Statistical toolbox, Promotions and Life Cycle Planning


Supply Network Planning / Core Interface (CIF)

  • Mass Processing and Release of Plans
  • Exception Processing and Alert Generation
  • Overview of Supply Planning Concept
  • Supply Planning, Interactive Supply Planning, Integration with other SCM components
  • Planning Methods: Heuristics, Optimization & CTM
  • Deployment
  • Transport Load Builder
  • Releasing Supply Plans to DP, PPDS, ECC
  • CIF Core Interface : Introduction to Architecture of Integration
  • Master Data, Integration to R/3



Global Available-to-Promise

  • Planning in ECC - APO with Integration
  • Initial & Change Transfers, Background Jobs
  • Monitoring & Handling CIF Errors
  • Comparison & Reconciliation
  • Overview of Availability Management in ECC-APO
  • Principles and configuration of Availability Check
  • Check using Product Allocations
  • Advanced Methods


Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling

  • Rule based Check
  • Multi-Level ATP
  • Explanation & Simulation Feature
  • Global ATP/OPTP interface
  • Overview of PPDS, Prerequisites, Prod. Planning with ECC
  • Master Data & Transaction data Integration with ECC, SNP, DP, GATP
  • Demand Management, Requirements & Sales Orders in PPDS
  • Production Planning Strategies (Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock)
  • Planning Heuristics
  • Capacity Requirements, Capacity Planning / Leveling
  • Optimizer



  • Exception Processing, Alert Generation
  • Free Discussions, Questions
  • Consulting Practice Planning
  • Further Reference Sources
  • Conclusion


  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Network Planning
  • Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
  • Global Available to Promise
  • Transportation Management
  • Service Parts Planning
  • Extended Warehouse Management
  • Event Management
  • Supplier Network Collaboration
  • Forecasting and Replenishment