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Location: LearnSAP LLC is a Texas based corporation with its head office located at 1927 County Road 129, Pearland, TX 77581. Strategic partners in Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Pitsburgh, and Bangalore. Each partner is carefully selected for expertise in variety of business areas.


Mr. Khalid Khan (Owner and Founder)

Mr. Khalid Khan is a results-oriented, project-minded, business leader focused exclusively on the SAP eco-system. After earning his Computer Science degree, Khalid spent many years in IT. He began working with SAP more than 10 years ago as an FICO consultant. Shortly thereafter, Khalid began to build a thriving, SAP-centric business around helping companies drive tangible results, lower costs and increase the overall knowledge of their SAP users. He has led LearnSAP from humble beginnings to over 127 people and 9 locations throughout the US. Khalid lives in Houston, TX with his wife and 2 kids. He is also an instrument-rated private pilot.

Ms. Varsha Vilankar (Manager Business Development)

She has a Masters Degree in Computers. Varsha has been associated with SAP right from the onset of her career in I.T. in 1992. She has worked on several SAP implementation projects and area of expertise lies in manufacturing and utility industry. Although she is a platinum level Technical consultant, nowadays she spends more time managing the company's diverse needs. Varsha also heads the two teams that manage our SAP implementation. With 32 servers and 13 different systems smooth operation of our applications is a major task in itself. When she has time Varsha also like to teach ABAP and Materials Management modules. Varsha joined LearnSAP in 2004 and since then has many satisfied customers to her account.

Ms Rupal Patel

She is a SAP Certified Financial Accounting and Human Resources Consultant. She has over 10 years of experience in education and holds a bachelor's degree in commerce. After working several years in Management Accounting, she was introduced to SAP in 2002. She has been associated with LearnSAP LLC since 2006 and teaches SAP FICO and Human Resources to Individuals as well as Corporate Clients at their work sites and offices. She has imparted training to corporations like 3M, 99cents, US Sugar, City of Houston to name a few. She is a very passionate instructor and is always willing to go the extra mile to help students. She has also contributed many step-by-step operating hand books for SAP FICO and HR modules.

Mr. Daniel Guerrero (Education Counselor)

He is very dedicated to guide students to a prosperous career in SAP. Daniel maintains a first hand relationship with many SAP Project Managers to identify even the slightest shift in market demands. Daniel's number one priority is to educate students make educated decision about which SAP Module to pursue.

Mr. Lloyd Lee (Education Counselor)

He is an accountant by profession and was working for shell oil in 1991 when he was first introduced to SAP. He is a platinum level SAP FICO consultant. In his free time he like coaching people that are looking to make a transition to a career in SAP. Lloyd has a long list of people that he trained are now on projects. At LearnSAP he is responsible to bring in young and energetic talent and prepare them for a career in SAP. Lloyd is now recruiting college graduates with major in Accounting and or Sales and preparing them for projects in SAP.

Ms. Bharti Kumawat (Webmaster)

She has a master in Computer Science and has been with the company since 2011. Combined with her SAP knowledge she has given products to the website, such as the Self Evaluation exams, which are very beneficial for the students. Her next project, which is expected to be released by Jun 2014, is an interactive self-study program which will adopt a pace and complexity judging the speed of comprehension of the student.

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