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Easy and Affordable SAP System Access

SAP system access lets you practice your skills and build SAP experience in a friendly SAP environment.

sap remote system access

SAP IDES System Access - Monthly Rates

Choose a SAP system of your choice, you can change the number of months (Qty) as per your requirements and get access to SAP system. Once you have SAP remote access, it will be working 24/7 for a valid period.

“ Varsha is awesome! Her training techniques are second to none. Very positive classroom setting. Varsha is very knowledgeable and patient. She teaches with confidence. I really enjoyed learning from Varsha. Her passion for SAP is contagious! The entire class was excited to learn. I can't wait for my SD class to start. Thanks!!!:) ”

- Anthony Baldwin

  • ECC 60
  • Price: $75

  • CRM
  • Price: $75

  • Price: $150
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  • Solution Manager
  • Price: $75
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  • BI 70
  • Price: $75

  • ECC+BI
  • Price: $150

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What is SAP IDES?

Since the software can be configured in so many different ways, system engineers at SAP have prepared a demo system to show what a typical implementaion should look like. IDES (Internet Demo and Education System) contains a sample company already configured.

What is included in ECC?

ECC (Enterprise Central Component) is SAP's flagship software. It has evolved over the last 4 decades and now offers stunning features. It includes all of the SAP core business processes, for example, SAP FICO, SAP SD, MM, PM, and HCM. It also has a development environment with SAP ABAP workbench where one may write and test their own ABAP programs.

How Should I Practice on the SAP System?

"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect" (Vince Lombardi) that said, in most cases, preparing for the SAP certification for about 3 hours every day, Monday through Friday (total 15 hours weekly) for two months is suggested.

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