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SAP SD Training Schedule

Start Date:
Method:Live (Instructor-led)
Tuition:Call +1-832-419-7371 for Prices
Day 1Sat 09/06/2014
Day 2Sat 09/13/2014
Day 3Sat 09/20/2014
Day 4Sat 09/27/2014
Day 5Sat 10/04/2014
Technical Requirements:
RAM:2 GB minimum
Headset:With built-in microphone
Software Requirements:
Operating System:Windows XP or newer
Operating System:Mac OS
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Timing:9am to 5pm (CST)
Books/Guides:Step By Step Guide
System Access:90 Days
Education Counselor:
(Monday to Friday, 9am ~ 5pm)
This configuration course of SAP SD focuses on the complete end-to-end implementation of functionality related to the Sales and Distribution (SD) module. Please call +1-281-412-7372 for details.

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why SAP SDLearnSAP aims to develop job marketplace, delivering skills-based education that is sensitive to market needs and convenient to students. SAP software gives real-time visibility across the enterprise. Real potential of the SAP software, LearnSAP has dozens of strategic partnership in the SAP implementation league.

SAP SD instructor.

Mr. Preet Anand is a SAP SD consultant with varied experience in textiles, pharmaceutical, automotive industries with implementation, upgrade, rollout & support projects in SAP ECC 4.7, 6.0 under his belt.

He is working as a freelance SAP SD trainer since 5 years with expertise in delivering training to corporate clients, business users, Btech, BCOM & MBA students. Teaching Concepts :
His methodology of training is
based on pragmatic approach which helps in understanding the complexities of SAP SD, Pricing, Billing in a simple manner & is supported by real time project experiences from manufacturing industries which helps in developing expertise in Configuration, customization & end user activities finally which lays foundation for developing excellent SAP SD consulting skills & clearing SAP certifications.

SAP SD curriculum.

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the curriculum very well. A lot of times when there is a cheaper course available it is due to less content being covered. Our curriculum is carefully designed to exceed job expectations.

Class Size.

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In-session and post-training support.

On our website we have a user forum which is dedicated to past and present students. These forums are moderated by instructors so that students get prompt answers to their questions and solutions for their problems. To help new comers to SAP, previous students who have landed jobs sometimes post scenarios from their real-life job environment.They become the support system for each other while teachers and forum moderators continue to watch over their communication to validate the solutions exchanging hands. We recommend the following SAP SD books.

This configuration course of SAP SD covers the latest release of SAP ERP Central Component 5.0 and 6.0. The course focuses on the complete end-to-end implementation of functionality related to the Sales and Distribution (SD) module. It will be helpful to SAP professionals who desire to utilize the SD module to its fullest capability.


Sales Overview

  • Process in Sales and Distribution
  • Basics in Sales and Distribution transaction
  • Sales doc structure
  • Presales process to complete sales doc.
  • Sales transaction and its basics
  • Sales Organizations and enterprise architecture
  • Sales org's units and its contents creation and assigning
  • Org units in sales process and objectives

Enterprise overview and creation with cross module overview

  • Overview of Enterprise structure and its relation ship with MM and FI view
  • Transaction process and its relation ship
  • Relation between FI and SD
  • Creation of org structures in Sales area and its corresponding units


Sales order creation and understand the business needs and information process and its relation

  • Sales order processing from the SAP point of view
  • Information process in sales view: Where and how the sales order is being processed
  • Understand and create Business partners and master data
  • Automatic information process in sales view: e.g. : plants
  • Exploring business process in sales order: changes to sales order docs
  • Understand the sales process blocks

The behavior and control of sales docs with sales doc types

  • The business objectives and its importance
  • Function and process in controlling and customizing sales doc types
  • Business process in sales and its functions
  • Phases in sales and its doc category types and how to control sales doc types
  • Doc types functions
  • Customizing doc types for sales process and assigning to specific sales areas
  • Process and functions and customizing of the sales doc types
  • Sales doc types and its comparison


Modifying the sales doc types with item category according to the business needs

  • Key Process in determining and customizing the item categories and its examples and its purpose
  • Item category functionality overview, and variation, and its outcome
  • Creating of Item category and linking them to customized sales doc types
  • Item Categories and item Category Determination
  • BOM : Bills of materials in sales doc and its purpose in sales process
  • How to create and process with different functionality and its rules

Sales document and item schedule control

  • The nature of the doc type and its categories: schedule line and its functionality
  • Exploring schedule line categories
  • The process and functions in creating and linking schedule line categories to sales doc types

The flow of screens in sales and data transformation from doc type to doc type

  • Understanding of doc flow and completion status of the doc process
  • Copying control in Sales docs and its usage


Special Business sales process and it's transaction

  • Order types, output types, and how delivery is planned if certain goods are to be free or priced
  • Consignments: business process and its various special issues in business process
  • The nature of the order type and the business requirements. Fill-up, pick-up, issues, billing

Document process in Incompletion

  • What are the impacts of incompletion rule and its behavior in sales docs
  • How to customizing the incompletion for a given sales doc
  • Controlling the Incompletion log
  • At what level it is used and how

What and who are business partners and its determination

  • How to configure the business partners and its business needs.
  • Partner functions and nature of relation ship
  • Partners in sales process
  • Customers Master and Account Group
  • Role of partner function per account groups
  • Partner determination and its procedures
  • Partner determination for sales docs


Outline agreements and its overview

  • Understanding of outline agreements
  • Sales doc types for different outline agreements
  • How to schedule outline agreement
  • Quantity contract
  • Messages about open outline agreements
  • How the data is activated for contracts; and how to determine the dates for these kind of contract agreements
  • Creation of Material Determination Master Record
  • Procedure in condition technique listing and exclusion
  • Hands on material determination and product selection and material Listing and material Exclusion

Free goods and its sales process

  • Understanding business process and needs in free goods concept overview
  • Exploring free goods and customizing free goods
  • Hands on free goods process. Condition technique, free goods master data, free goods calculation rule
  • Enjoy SAP Reward: Sales Scenarios. Test your skills