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Custom SAP Training - SAP Custom Tailor Your Training

Custom SAP Training - Sometimes your learning needs require a degree of content customization. We can customize content used in our IT and Business training courses or we can develop completely custom content, depending on your needs.

With an award-winning and dedicated team of 12 courseware development professionals and a worldwide partner network of more than 30 available staff, we can provide quality and cost-effective SAP training that can be delivered efficiently and updated quickly. Our professionals have provided 800+ hours of e-learning and more than 2,000 hours of instructor-led training content.

Our custom content services and expertise includes the following:

  • Industry experts
  • Instructional designers
  • Content developers
  • Instructional manual development
  • e-Learning development, deployment, and interoperability
  • Graphic designers
  • Rich media production
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • Lab development and remote lab access

On-site SAP Course Customization

One of the benefits of On-Site training is the ability to customize the content we deliver in our public classroom sessions. Because our training is modular, our course directors can work with you to rapidly and cost-effectively tailor a course to your needs, or we can develop a custom training program for enterprise-wide learning initiatives. Your training program coordinator will prepare and schedule trainers, test equipment, and manage the delivery of all training materials.

We can incorporate your templates, methodology, even develop a case study just for your needs LearnSAP can capture the uniqueness of your organization in the custom courseware. All of our customization efforts are aimed at helping to increase the skill development of our students. You and your team will develop skills faster through training that incorporates your environment.

Rapid e-Learning

Rapid e-Learning is typically comprised of short, ten to fifteen minute modules that are linear, much like an online presentation. These modules may contain static graphics and synchronized instructor audio and often have a short shelf life. According to a Bersin & Associates 2004 survey, 89% of respondents indicated the need to develop e-Learning programs in three weeks or less.

Common training elements among the respondents were programs that had small budget, small teams, and the requirement of intimate involvement of subject matter experts.

Instructor-led to e-Learning Conversion

We can also convert previously created instructor-led course material into closely mirrored e-Learning solutions that can reduce your learning time by up to 50%. Solutions typically include static and animated graphics, interactive 'knowledge checks', synchronized instructor audio, and learner assessments. This solution is most appropriate when you have a larger audience of learners.

Business Process and Application Simulation

When you roll out a new system or business process, e-Learning can help to ensure the success of your project.

We will provide the e-Learning that teaches your employees about the new process or system, providing instruction and hands-on practice prior to ERP implementation. Typical solutions contain system demonstrations and simulations, interactive graphics, interactive 'knowledge checks', synchronized instructor audio, and learner assessments. Rich Media Production Services.

We use rich media to enhance the instructional effectiveness of the learning experience in the following forms:

  • The audio is synchronized with accompanying animations or videos.
  • Streaming video is embedded in a video player designed to provide the user with controls and the ability to jump directly to specific subjects within the video. Our video players also include accessible transcripts to assist with language barriers and screen readers for accessibility compliance.
  • Instructionally sound flash animations and interactions reinforce the learning objective and explain complex concepts in usable terms.
  • Interactive simulations and custom simulation players are developed using Flash or OnDemand simulation recording software. Our simulation players give the learner a realistic experience using GUI and command-line interfaces, along with embedded assessments and remediation.
  • Interactive practices and assessments, such as drag and drops, hot spots, and other 'knowledge checks' are utilized to test understanding and provide feedback.
  • Interactive callouts are used throughout our courses to explain terminology, notes, cautions, and real-world experiences.

Live Remote Labs

Our live remote labs offer students additional learning by applying what is taught in class to a real-world environment. These labs can be customized for classroom or an e-Learning environment. They are housed in a secure location and are available at any time. All remote labs are identical to what can be provided in an actual classroom lab set-up.

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