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As we have a limited seating ability in the conference room, only the first 40 applicants will be able to attend the seminar. The rest of the applicants will get the opportunity to register a spot in our next seminar.

The next seminar is on 01/06/2018

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  • Description

    Prospects of a Career in SAP

    Most of us were brought up to study hard, get good grades, choose a "practical" college major and strive for a "good job."

    Talk to a stranded midlife career-changer and you realize the game has changed. Yesterday's rules prepared us to be passengers on a large ocean liner that promised a smooth voyage. Today we realize that ocean liner turned out to be the Titanic and we need to keep ourselves afloat on a small life raft if we want to survive.

    In the midst of the economic uncertainty everyone seems to be talking about SAP as a good career opportunity with attractive pay rates and stability. We have heard prevailing optimism and positive expectations for the future of this software regardless of what happens to our economy.

    Never the less, I would like to reinforce the importance of a good strategy, some specific actions you need to take to assure the successful alignment of all variables. Choosing the right career-path and a SAP training partner is equally important. Over the long run, we want to establish a steady and promising career. To demystify this amazing software we have arranged a seminar which will be presented by some very experienced SAP consultants.

    This seminar will be useful for Application Programmers, Business Analysts, Data Base Administrators, System Analysts and Documentation Developers, who are in the process of adding new skills to their existing skill set. It would be especially useful for Java Programmers and Oracle DBA's. Individuals who are looking at enhancing their SAP skills either technical or MySAP solutions like APO, CRM, SEM, BW will benefit significantly from this session.

    You will learn about SAP solutions, implementation of the solutions, benefits, pitfalls, career opportunities unfolding for tomorrow. The seminar would be hosted by experts who will bring diverse industry and multiple customer implementations insights. There would be a question and answer session at the end.

  • Presenters

    Our Presenters

    Although the seminar is organized by LearnSAP, several partners who represent the various stages of the transition to a career in SAP are also invited to speak to the audience. LearnSAP wishes to show you the comprehensive game-plan and the strength of these partners who all play a vital role respectively.

    Varsha Vilankar

    With a Masters Degree in Computers Varsha has been associated with SAP right from the onset of her career in I.T. in 1992. She has worked on several SAP implementation projects and area of expertise lies in manufacturing and utility industry. Although she is a platinum level Technical consultant, nowadays she spends more time managing the company's diverse needs. Varsha also heads the two teams that manage our SAP implementation. With 32 servers and 13 different systems smooth operation of our applications is a major task in itself.
    Varsha also is responsible for growth planning and forecasting.

    Ron Pecunia

    Ron has been serving the IT industry for almost two decades specializing in SAP with leading roles in companies like itelligence, Hitachi Consulting, Accenture and now with SAP America. Ron Pecunia has been strong believer that people drive successful implementations and ongoing education is a key factor to optimize implementation success. 10 years in the SAP 'eco-system' and currently with SAP; 22 years of transformational experience in various industries including oil & gas, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, chemicals, aerospace and defense, chemicals, distribution and high-tech.

    Rupal Patel

    Rupal has taught many corporate trainings for companies like CEMEX, 3M, City of Houston, Center Point Energy, US Sugar and many more. She is certified by SAP for the Financial Accounting Module as well as the Human Capital Management Module. Having written several manuals which are widely respected and popular. She is very passionate about teaching and takes educational counseling very seriously.

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