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SAP BPC Course Details


What is BoPC

Business objects Planning and Consolidation software helps organization to plan future Income and Expenses as well Consolidate their Investments. It is a robust planning and consolidation application that can catter all of your budgeting, planning, consolidation, and reporting requirements. You can generate consolidated financial and managerial reports for a globally distributed business or entity. The application can aggregate financial data from SAP and non-SAP systems into a single analytical reporting environment, enabling you to monitor the financial performance of individual sub-units.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to gather all of the information needed for these activities in time to facilitate informed planning and efficient consolidation. Tedious, error-prone, and incomplete approaches to organization and technology often hinder effective planning and consolidation processes. Over time, this can put your company's success at risk.

Planning with SAP BPC
In today's world of intense competition, it is necessary for organizations to plan and stay ahead. Planning is the life-blood of business, and the ability to spot opportunities and prepare for various courses of action has become imperative because the consumer's fast-changing needs require businesses to be vigilant and act with vision. To meet this objective, organizations are looking for software that can provide an enabling environment to handle planning needs. As we have discussed, SAP BPC has many features that make it an ideal tool for planning, designed to maximize your ability to manage and take ownership of data.

It's robust interface allows for customization and collaboration and makes it a compelling choice for planning. Unlike most software, this application reduces the dependence on the IT solutions team while providing more time for the team to handle the portions of application development and maintenance they best serve (i.e., system configuration and performance).

Consolidating with SAP BPC Course
The consolidation functionality of SAP BPC provides an environment to report the financial results of your entire organization. You can use it to determine the financial health of the company as a whole, after taking into account the currency translations, elimination of inter-company transactions, and other necessary adjustments. When the consolidation report is prepared, the application considers different types of investments among organizational units.

Reporting with SAP BPC Module
SAP BPC enables financial reports in multiple formats (US GAAP, IFRS, and SEC etc).For statutory reporting requirements, SAP BPC 7.0 M offers International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) starter kit. UBmatrix is required for electronic communication of financial statements using extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format.

Pre-requisites of SAP BPC Training

The most basic qualification for making a career in SAP BPC is a sharp and logical understanding of Management Accounting concepts such as planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation. Finance work or education is a strong plus and so is experience in SAP FICO and/or SAP BI.

Who should take SAP BPC Training

CFOs and executive teams are under constant pressure to maximize profitability, reduce operational costs, minimize risk, and improve stakeholder confidence. SAP Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is the industry-leading technology solution that's up to the task.

Various versions of SAP BPC module, when they were released and what was different

Latest version of BPC is 10.0 (Prior to this we have 7.x and 5.x)

SAP BPC 10.0 has - Web Interface, EPM Add-In reporting, Consolidation Central, Multi-Source Reporting

How is your SAP BPC training different from others who offer at half the price

We provide highly informative, very latest and easily understandable training videos with frequently asked questions by our previous students. You will be given assignments and your questions will be answered by our expert team who will be available for you 24/7.

How long will it take for you to become job ready in SAP BPC Module

On an average it takes 8 to 10 weeks of extensive training and it also depends on how much time student is willing to spend and absorb.

What is the difference between SAP Technical BPC and SAP Functional BPC

Technical consultants require the in-depth knowledge of how SAP BPC is configured. How are the objects created in the system. It basically involves the creation and configuration of various objects and functionality in the system.

Functional Consultant needs to have a good understanding of the business and should also know how BPC works. Their responsibility includes understanding of the business requirement, and based on that they should be able to prepare the design document. This requires a good knowledge of the overall business, and also about the SAP BPC system.

Which one do you teach, the technical or functional? Or both?
We teach both SAP Technical BPC and SAP Functional BPC.

Talk about a typical day for a BoPC consultant? Activities and responsibilities

This could be anything from installation and configuration of the software, to training, to helping the customer customize the application to fit their particular needs, to whatever special projects or specified task(s) the customer needed assistance completing. To be more specific, it consists of Data Loads, creating of Dimenions, Application building, Appset copy, Performance setup's, Formula maintenance, Script logic, DM Packages/(Process Chain / SSIS Packages), Reporting Template creation, Audit set-up. If he is a functional consultant then his typical day will be more of Data Validation, Business Rules Set up, Currency Conversion, Consolidation methods, Eliminations and Journals.

As compared to other modules, how is the demand for SAP BoPC consultants and why

In today's turbulent global economy businesses need a proven, easy-to-use tool for streamlining financial reporting and forecasting processes - one that delivers rapid ROI and business value that is measurable. SAP BPC is the best tool for the job. Go to top

SAP BPC Course Curriculum

SAP BPC Training - Project Centric Training (2 Projects)
  • Planning Project (Revenue / Expense Planning)
  • Consolidation Project (US GAAP Based)
  • Live Project Demo
  • (Task/Task) (Topic/Topic) Full Blown Demos

Business Introduction - Architecting BPC Solution (Stakeholders / Process Owners)
  • Master (Dimensions) -> SAP BW Info Objects
  • Transaction Data (Models) -> SAP BW Info Cubes
  • Design [BPC Administration]
  • Data Manager Loads (Master Data / Transaction data / Data Packages)

  • Data Movement from Model-2-Model
  • Cross-Model lookup for BASE and Parent values
  • Explicit Logic calls
  • Performance Script Logic
  • Script invocation thru Data Manager Packages

SAP BPC Course - EPM BPC Reporting
  • Building EPM 10 Input Forms and Reports
  • Complex Scenarios catering
  • Multi Model Reporting
  • Multi Source Reports (BPC MS, BPC NW, BW)
  • 7.5 Reports Migration to 10.0
  • SAP ECC (FICO) -> SAP BW 7.3 -> SAP BPC 10.0 Data Integration

  • Deep Dive Consolidations
  • US GAAP Methods
  • Step-by-Step Demonstration of COI thru BPF
    • Trail Balance Upload (For all Subsidiaries)
    • Inter-company Bookings and Inter-company Matching
    • Journal Adjustments
    • Currency Conversions and Inter-company Eliminations
    • Ownership %s (Static Vs Dynamic)
    • Method Declarations, Method Based Multipliers and Linking Rules
    • Consolidations - Close and Validations
SAP BPC Transports across Landscape
  • EPM BPC 10 New Transports Demo

SAP HANA module introduction and HANA Powered BPC advantages. Go to top

SAP BPC Training Schedule

SAP BPC Training Schedule

Start Date:   More Options
Method:Live (Instructor-led)
Tuition:Call +1-832-419-7371 for Prices
Day 1Sat 04/15/2017
Day 2Sat 04/22/2017
Day 3Sat 04/29/2017
Day 4Sat 05/06/2017
Day 5Sat 05/13/2017
Technical Requirements:
RAM:2 GB minimum
Headset:With built-in microphone
Software Requirements:
Operating System:Windows XP or newer
Operating System:Mac OS
Online MeetingGoToMeeting (
Remote SupportTeamViewer (
Timing:9am to 5pm us cst (CST)
Books/Guides:Study Material
System Access:90 Days
Education Counselor:
(Monday to Friday, 9am ~ 5pm [CST])
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SAP BPC Course Specifications

    SAP BPC Teaching Methodology
  • SAP BPC Highlight and Markers
    The training is object oriented & very Interactive with extensive use of markers and highlighter for effective and Advanced.
  • Big Picture
    The session starts with a bird's eye view of the Business, followed by closer look at system design.
  • Domain Expertise
    The instructor has worked in Banking, Insurance, Consumer Products, Utilities and Manufacturing clients. His real-time experience across these domains leverage mixed domain expertise to you so there is no need to re-invent the wheel.
  • Projects
    The instructor will assign 2 projects to you from Day-1 and guide you through out the entire process. The experience you gain by these projects will leave you comparable to very senior SAP BPC consultants.
  • Pair-Up
    Depending on the number of students in the class, you may be paired with another student to simulate team work.
  • User Forum
    Very clean, consise message board for students only. Covering all aspects of SAP software. Students can post their questions in the message board on our website and the entire group get email notifications when a reply is posted.
  • Interview and Certification Questions
    During the discussion / lecture the instructor will highlight the questions which the students are likely to encounter in the certification / interview.
  • Package of Work
    All the Session Assignments will roll up to a bigger project work so you perform a real time SAP BPC implementation project.
  • Structured Interfaces
    Each session is a Building block to next session, that teaches you a logical way of putting nuts and bolts of BPC to design a big machinery.
  • SAP BPC 7.5 Certified Trainer
    The Instructor is a SAP Certified BPC Trainer.
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SAP Training Videos

SAP BPC - Complete Course Includes

SAP BPC training online (live instructor-led) will held on five consecutive days, and course duration will be 40 hours.
This includes SAP BPC reference book, SAP BPC sytem access for 3 months (Please discuss with consultant for System Access details).

Call +1-832-419-7371 for more details.

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