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About LearnSAP.com
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Call USA Toll Free 877-836-1700
Call USA Toll Free 877-836-1700
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>> Thanks for a wonderful experience and for a superb material.
>> ... Indeed the instructor was very experienced and knowledgeable.
>> I have been in SAP for 5 years and didn't realize how much more there is to learn, thank you.
>> ... Expect many students to give my reference, thanks for a great course.
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Company Profile

LearnSAP is a SAP Consulting, Implementation,Outsourcing, Software Hosting and Training Company.

LearnSAP partners with companies to help solve complex business problems through the application of proven technological business practices. Leveraging our several years of ERP expertise, we are helping companies realize the benefits of the new economy with internet-enabled technology, business processes, and strategies as they apply to e-Business. At LearnSAP, we are dedicated to the provision of SAP implementation, training, on-going optimization and support, IT consulting and related services to organizations throughout North America and the world.

LearnSAP Application Consultants have in-depth knowledge of SAP, strong leadership and communication skills, knowledge of best practices, business and industry experience, and technical knowledge. They provide business expertise and ensure the delivered product meets the defined requirements.

Our consultants are responsible for services such as software configuration, setup review, modification design, integration design, conversion, and test planning. Consultants lead the client in the integration of business processes with the new application landscape. They play an important role in facilitating business decomposition, process workshops, organizational design, business process design and knowledge transfer.

The vast majority of SAP customers are looking for significant business benefits from the SAP implementation, not just a “mechanical” system replacement. Our approach of concurrently re-engineering the business processes during the SAP implementation has proven to be very successful at obtaining significant business benefits while still providing a successful system implementation. This approach has consistently met or exceeded customer expectations for providing measurable benefits resulting from business process transformations implemented on SAP. We are committed to a 100% implementation success for our clients and maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.

SAP Application Hosting
LearnSAP Application Hosting support is focused on improving our client's ability to manage complex technology environments. By specializing in the provision of SAP Application Hosting Services, LearnSAP is able to deliver the highest levels of quality service from our state-of-the-art data center facilities. While our plan is to focus on SAP Application Hosting services, other platforms will be supported as a transition to SAP. LearnSAP has considerable experience in supporting mainframe, UNIX and NT Information Technology Application Hosting environments. The data center is staffed on a 24 x 365 basis.

Our approach in SAP-outsourcing is to achieve an optimal solution, both in technical and economic terms. The critical factor is the definition of the individual tasks - something we are happy to do in co-operation with clients. The responsibility for all or parts of the IT-operations of the SAP system can therefore be assigned either to a client or to LearnSAP. The same goes for the deployment of equipment, which can be at a client’s or at a LearnSAP site. Through professional information management we offer you the most efficient use of modern, flexible SAP systems, which can be adapted to suit your business needs.

SAP Corporate End-User Training
LearnSAP’ team will help you leverage ‘Just in Time’ educational and technology solutions. Working together with your project team, our primary concern is the success of your SAP implementation and, ultimately, your business results.
Through our extensive, multi-industry experience, LearnSAP can champion the success of your SAP implementation by:
·Designing and delivering a project team training strategy and tools
·Designing and delivering an end-user training and support strategy
·Designing and delivering a project communication strategy and tools
·Designing and delivering comprehensive, customized multimedia end-user materials to support your current implementation and subsequent phases
·Improving the usability of existing training and support materials
·Determining a post-implementation training and documentation support strategy
Greater customer satisfaction, marked improvement in the quality of work and an increase in end-user productivity are just a few of the benefits you will notice when you provide educational services during your SAP implementation. Our programs ensure your end-users are knowledgeable and fully prepared to perform their tasks. Individuals are more productive when they fully understand your organization’s objectives, ultimately increasing your return on investment.

SAP Training Approach
LearnSAP has made a significant investment in developing specific methodologies and tools that enable our professionals to be more productive and better leverage our collective expertise. Using our training methodology and our business process understanding, our focus is on “knowledge-transfer”. This ensures your resources are trained on the system and will eventually become self-sufficient in using SAP software. Our approach is proven and ensures your SAP training solution is implemented on time and within budget. Its flexibility allows for a scalable approach for projects of various sizes and durations. One of our new methodologies for training is Webinar, i.e. training through the web. This has become highly popular in situations where groups of people at different locations have to be trained simultaneously.

Leverage Your SAP Investment
E-business in the context of SAP allows you to leverage the benefits of an integrated back-end, making more strategic use of your ERP investment by e-enabling all of its potential. Our team understands and assists in leading the evolution of E-business technology and how it relates to SAP. We have experience and in-depth knowledge of a broad range of Internet technologies including mySAP.com and are experienced in all of the integration issues around interfacing SAP with Web applications.