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SAP Help was never this easy to get. LearnSAP is proud to present the Lifeline. It is an SAP online help and on-job SAP support system specially developed for SAP Consultants. Now you can go to work with the peace of mind that you got your back covered by the experts of the industry. SAP Consultants with 10 or even more years of experience from around the world are logged into this system 24/7 ready to take on the toughest of challenges.

Getting answers to your most complicated problems in SAP was never this simple. A flexible and easy-to-use system can be personalized to reflect your areas of interest. You can view the work in progress while experts are working on your problem. Browse the knowledgebase which contains thousands of articles. For an expedited response you can setup a higher priority level.

  • Registration is absolutely FREE

    Registration is Free and in most cases you can pay as you go. There are no contracts which gives you the flexibility to subscribe when you are on job and need help and not use the system when you are on the bench.

  • Trouble Ticket

    SAP Trouble tickets can be bought in advance to avoid delays in processing time and then used when necessary. There are three priority levels of trouble tickets, Low, Normal and High and they are $50, $100 and $ 150 respectively. The response time for high priority ticket is guaranteed 2 hours and for normal priority ticket it is 12 hours and for low level it is 24 to 48 hours.

  • Resume Builder

    The resume builder tool costs $50 for one time use. If you want to store (web-host) upto 5 different versions you can buy a 6 month subscription for $40 or for a year for $70. Resume builder is a smart tool that refers the thousands of sample resume in the database to determine that ideal profile that is required to eventually get you on a job. Professional Resume services charge up $1000 for this kind of service and still there is no service that will let you web-host upto five versions of your resume. When ever you want to share your resume all you have to do is a give a link and a username and password.

  • Knowledge Base

    There are thousands of Training Documents in the Knowledge Base and they are there for you to view / download and we constantly work on arranging more for you so you can concentrate on learning the topics instead of wasting your time on searching for them.

  • Job Search

    Connecting with the first layer of SAP recruiters is crucial to avoid un-necessary delays in finding SAP Jobs. In todays competetive market job openings are filled within a few hours and if you are working several layers down then by the time each layer work out their arrangements jobs might already be filled. That is the major reason why some of the deserving candidates are on the bench. When your application is submited in a timely fashion it not only increases your chances of securing the project but also secure a better rate package.

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