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LearnSAP is looking for partners to meet the increasing demand for SAP training. At LearnSAP, our corporate partnership programs enable us to build relationships with companies in a variety of ways. LearnSAP Franchise offers franchise opportunities for both private schools as well as individuals. Our proven methods and strong network of experts provide advice and guidance to help run your SAP smoothly. Offer SAP courses in your city, to corporations and individuals.

  • If you are an HR manager, and your company has deployed SAP and you need an ongoing training program for your employees.
  • If you are a SAP expert you can enroll in our instructors program to teach SAP to our students in your local area.

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Other Partnerships

Perhaps the most satisfying partnership comes to those who assist our faculty in educational endeavors, lecturing in class as a Visiting Executive or teaching a short Leadership Skills seminar. Executives say that hearing their company's case dissected by a group of sharp students is an invigorating experience. Another way in which companies can help guide students is by participating in the LearnSAP's Mentor program, where corporate executives are paired with students to provide career guidance and insight. Companies are convinced of the value of this kind of learning and are always eager to take part in these programs.

We strive to achieve excellence in SAP training for both, individuals as well as corporate employees. Our programs are designed to follow a tested roadmap which is highly structured to ensure on time delivery. The only constant in an Enterprise is changing. In these large companies people are always moving around, getting promoted, let-go, transferred, hired, hence the need for training. LearnSAP has earned the respect of several such fortune companies as a quality training provider.

We need to bring the same quality training to companies in your city. Join hands with a winning team. Call us today.

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