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★★★★★   From the moment I attended my SAP class I was in a comfort level that I had never been in before in a classroom. This made learning so much fun and a lot easier for me. I really love the fact that my instructor, Ms. Patel gave all of her students the personal attention needed when we had questions, if we were lagging a little behind or may have become a bit confused about something. Ms. Patel made sure we understood everything she was teaching before she moved forward to the next level of content. Thank you Ms. Patel for getting me ready for my new career. ”

- Arnetta Kindle

★★★★   The MM class was pretty good. I had previously tried taking the course with another company and regretted the experience. The instructor from LearnSAP was very knowledgeable - an actual consultant. She drew on work experience to teach and make it understandable to supply-chain and non supply-chain students. ”

- Akin Aruwajoye

★★★★★   My experience at San Jacinto College for the SAP MM class with Ms. Varsha has been GREAT. She was extremely knowledgeable on the SAP MM. I have learned a lot in a short period of 1 month. I would highly recommended. ”

- Chris Nguyen

★★★★★   The instructor was very knowledgeable in her teachings of SAP MM and Supply Chain. I have recommended their services to other looking for different SAP modules as well. ”

- Lupe Martinez

★★★★   Very well done. I really enjoyed the class. Varsha is very knowledgeable in the subject matter. Really enjoyed the class. Ready for the next one! ”

- Richard Beliz

★★★★★   I have attended MM & SCM courses with Varsha. She is an expert in the area she teaches and a great motivator in the classroom. She takes the time to ensure everybody understands the subject matter. It was truly enjoyable and I highly recommend!! ”

- James Crowe

★★★★★   The instructor was very knowledgeable in her teachings of SAP MM and Supply Chain. I have recommended their services to other looking for different SAP modules as well. ”

- Lupe Martinez

★★★★★   Extremely knowledgeable in subject like. I was always amazed by the interest she shows to acquire more knowledge and teaching. Rupal hard working and her enthusiasm towards her teaching; she is well qualified, dynamic and enthusiastic to ensure that her students get quality knowledge they deserve. She shows enormously great patience to make anybody comfortable in the class. As a Instructor, she freely shares her knowledge and experience and help us to be confident in the chosen field. ”

- Bijou Soki

★★★★★   The class was like drinking from a fire hose. We covered FICO in six, eight hour sessions and Ms. Patel kept us busy (you'll definitely get your money's worth). She is an excellent instructor and provided a lot of SAP training, augmented with her on-the-job experiences, during the course of the classes. I would highly recommend her class. ”

- Jonathan Titus

★★★★★   Excellent course, excellent instructor, Varsha Vilankar, and wish I had more courses I could take. ”

- Carrie Pickett

★★★★★   I really enjoyed Mrs. Rupal class, SAP FICO class was very informative, good material and she answered all our questions. ”

- Renzo Nunez

★★★★★   I enjoyed the SAP FICO class and Mrs Rupal's teaching methodology was great! ”

- Mario Vargas

★★★★★   Good courses and instructors. Would definitely recommend! ”

- Sabina Marty

★★★★   SAP Material Management. I had a blast taking the SAP MM class. The class is challenging in essence individuals have to practice for many hours when they not in class. If student come to class on time and prepared, you surely to come away with a lot knowledge about SAP MM. ”

- Saul Chevelon

★★★★★   The class provided everything that could be expected. Step by step instruction and tips based in professional experience by instructors. I would definitely recommend. ”

- Javier Pinkney

★★★★★   I highly recommend training here. The instructor is passionate and dedicated, very descriptive and detail oriented. The course is easy to follow. All relevant tools were provided. Great course. ”

- Delia Tira

★★★★★   I really love the instructors of Learn SAP. They are all very knowledgeable and helpful, not only in the material that they teach in the class, but also when it comes to career advice and mentoring. I would highly recommend Learn SAP to anyone who is willing to put in the hard work that it takes to be successful in this course, as well as a future career in SAP Consulting. ”

- David Edwards

★★★★★   My experience at HCC for the SAP MM class has been great! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about the supply chain process/logistics or was just interested in learning a different module in SAP. Varsha was a great instructor and was very knowledgeable about the subject! ”

- Dana Tyler

★★★★★   "BEST IN THE INDUSTRY" LearnSAP is one of the industry leaders in teaching students hand-on experience in SAP configuration. The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient and informative. I have taken SAP FICO with Instructor Patel and SAP Logistics with Instructor Varsha. BOTH ARE AWESOME EXPERTS eager to share the knowledge that they possess with you. Mr. Kahn gives you real life advice on what to expect and what you need to do to be successful. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND LearnSAP regardless to your level of expertise. ”

- Brina

★★★★★   Excellent SAP FICO class by LearnSAP. The teacher is very talented. ”

- M. A. Samad

★★★★★   I took SAP MM and SAP SD. Instructor Varsha Vilankar is a great teacher and great class. You could tell she genuinely cared about making the material interesting and comprehensible to everyone. Great attitude about teaching, highly recommended. ”

- JD L

★★★★   LearnSAP has a good instructor in Rupal Patel. ”

- Hamptone Osir

★★★★   The class was useful and Ms. Rupal is a fantastic instructor who has a sound knowledge in SAP FICO. You will exit the class with clear understanding of front end and back end activities in configurations. ”

- Radha Krishna

★★★★★   So far completed SAP FICO. I like the individual attention given to each student. The instructor (Rupal) is experienced and very helpful. Planning to do more courses here. ”

- Nabeel Des

★★★★★   I like the instructor of Learning SAP. It was a great pleasure having her as my instructor. She is knowledgeable and helpful when the students have questions. I would recommend anyone to take SAP class to HCC. ”

- Flaurent Fotso

★★★★★   I had SAP experience as an end user and wanted to educate on the back end also and this course provided by Ms Rupal Patel was awesome. She was very clear and easy to follow. I am extremely happy that i attended this course and plan on taking SAP BPC too in the future . Excellent job Ms Rupal! ”

- Sadia Hosain

★★★★★   Very interesting class... For those who do not know SAP, this class will give you an excellent hands-on opportunity to not only learn what the end-user does but how the system itself is setup and how the data flows through the systems. EXCELLENT CLASS!!!!!! Ms. R. Patel - Excellent Job! ”

- Art Clay

★★★★★   I enjoyed the SAP FICO class and Mrs Rupal's teaching methodology was great! I just finished SAP LOGISTIC training with Mrs Varsha, the class was very interesting and I learn a lot. The training material was great too. Looking forward to take SAP SD and HR... Thanks Mrs. Varsha! ”

- Mario Vargas

★★★★★   Varsha is awesome! Her training techniques are second to none. Very positive classroom setting. Varsha is very knowledgeable and patient. She teaches with confidence. I really enjoyed learning from Varsha. Her passion for SAP is contagious! The entire class was excited to learn. I can't wait for my SD class to start. Thanks!!!:) ”

- Anthony Baldwin

★★★★★   The class was like drinking from a fire hose. I have taken two classes from LearnSAP (FICO and MM) and both instructors were very knowledgeable (you'll definitely get your money's worth). LearnSAP provides a lot of SAP training, augmented with each instructor's on-the-job experiences, during the course of the classes. I would highly recommend their classes. ”

- Jonathan Titus

★★★★★   I learned a lot in this class. Ms. Varsha is filled with practical knowledge that made this class easy to comprehend. The presentations were organized with the chance to practice in real world scenarios. ”

- JoAnn Cross

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